Most Important Book of 2020?

Storm Cunningham's revolutionary 3rd book, RECONOMICS, is now available as both paperback and e-book! Order it here.

RECONOMICS: The Path To Resilient Prosperity

A Guide to Healing Economies, Societies & Nature for Policymakers, Real Estate Investors & Entrepreneurs.

RECONOMICS: The Path To Resilient Prosperity is THE book for a world in crisis. It's the first book on how to boost economic growth and resilience simultaneously. Crisis recovery, economic revitalization and community resilience should be unified goals: the same investment should achieve all three.

RECONOMICS is also the first book to reveal the zero-cost factor that triples the ROI of revitalization efforts, but sabotages them when it's missing. It's the guide to healing economies, societies and nature for policymakers, real estate investors, social entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders and climate restoration champions.

If you have ANY role in improving your local future, you need to read this book. What it reveals can easily double the ROI (revitalization on investment) of your redevelopment, renewal, climate adaptation and crisis recovery efforts.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are budgeted for climate resilience by local and national governments worldwide...soon over a trillion. For this not to be an economic debacle, it's essential that resilience investments revitalize economies, not just protect them. Linking revitalization with resilience has the fringe benefit of increasing funding for resilience.


“Storm Cunningham is so far ahead of the community revitalization game, I'm in awe.”

- Sarah Sieloff, Executive Director, Center for Creative Land Recycling (September 2019)

“RECONOMICS should be mandatory reading for all
Mayors, Chief Executives and Directors of Planning in cities and regions.”

- Rick Finc, Principal, RFA Development Planning, Edinburgh, Scotland

“I love the book, RECONOMICS. It touches my soul.”

- Schuyler Morgan, Chief Visionary Officer, Clarksville, CA Smart Eco-City Project

“Storm Cunningham’s RECONOMICS transformed our latest project,
which uses his 3Re strategy.”

- Dumas F. Lafontant, Director, Lower Roxbury Coalition, Boston, Massachusetts

“RECONOMICS hits the nail on the head!”

- Nalin Seneviratne, Director of City Centre Development, Sheffield City Council, Sheffield, England

“Storm Cunningham’s RECONOMICS Process raises the bar for community and regional revitalization. It’s a powerful package, succinctly capturing the process that we have doggedly tried to identify over time, not always knowing the next step.
The RECONOMICS Process brings a holistic dimension to redevelopment,
inextricably linking vision and task.”

– Eric Bonham, P.Eng, Board of Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia,
Former Director, BC Ministry of Environment & BC Ministry of Municipal Affairs

"Storm Cunningham is the world's thought leader on
community revitalization and natural resource restoration."

- George Ochs, Managing Director of Real Assets, JP Morgan.

“RECONOMICS is a must-read for every mayor, resilience activist, planning commissioner and urban redevelopment professional who has been frustrated in their attempts to revitalize a place. It succinctly describes why most revitalization plans fail, analyzes what's missing, and provides a simple, easy-to-follow strategic process for success.”

- Kevin L. Maevers, D.Mgmt., AICP; President, Arivitas Strategies, LLC, La Quinta, CA;
Vice Director of Policy, IES, California Chapter, American Planning Association.

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