PUBLISHED January 9, 2020!

Storm Cunningham's revolutionary 3rd book, RECONOMICS, is now available as both paperback and e-book! Order it here.

RECONOMICS: The Path To Resilient Prosperity

A Guide to Healing Economies, Societies & Nature for Policymakers, Real Estate Investors & Entrepreneurs.

“Storm Cunningham is so far ahead of the community revitalization game, I'm in awe.”

- Sarah Sieloff, Executive Director, Center for Creative Land Recycling (September 2019)

“RECONOMICS should be mandatory reading for all
Mayors, Chief Executives and Directors of Planning in cities and regions.”

- Rick Finc, Principal, RFA Development Planning, Edinburgh, Scotland

“Storm Cunningham’s RECONOMICS transformed our latest project,
which uses his 3Re strategy.”

- Dumas F. Lafontant, Director, Lower Roxbury Coalition, Boston, Massachusetts

“RECONOMICS hits the nail on the head!”

- Nalin Seneviratne, Director of City Centre Development, Sheffield City Council, Sheffield, England

“Storm Cunningham’s RECONOMICS Process raises the bar for community and regional revitalization. It’s a powerful package, succinctly capturing the process that we have doggedly tried to identify over time, not always knowing the next step.
The RECONOMICS Process brings a holistic dimension to redevelopment,
inextricably linking vision and task.”

– Eric Bonham, P.Eng, Board of Partnership for Water Sustainability in British Columbia,
Former Director, BC Ministry of Environment & BC Ministry of Municipal Affairs

"Storm Cunningham is the world's thought leader on
community revitalization and natural resource restoration."

- George Ochs, Managing Director of Real Assets, JP Morgan.

“RECONOMICS is a must-read for every mayor, resilience activist, planning commissioner and urban redevelopment professional who has been frustrated in their attempts to revitalize a place. It succinctly describes why most revitalization plans fail, analyzes what's missing, and provides a simple, easy-to-follow strategic process for success.”

- Kevin L. Maevers, D.Mgmt., AICP; President, Arivitas Strategies, LLC, La Quinta, CA;
Vice Director of Policy, IES, California Chapter, American Planning Association.

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